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Pay later.

Moneymour allows you to split your purchases into monthly instalments and pay off little by little. The credit assessment is instant.

How it works

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Our mission is to simplify

Everything in the app: complete your instalments purchases and sign the contracts right in the app in just a few clicks.

Management of installment purchases: no more scattered sheets and emails in the spam folder. Find all the loan documents in one place.

Payment monitoring: monitor the progress of your payments every month and keep everything under control.

Aggregate accounts: connect your bank accounts to Moneymour and keep an eye on balances and transactions from a single interface.

The assessment is instant

PSD2 has established that the transactions you make, such as credit or debit card payments, belong to you and not to your bank. So you have the freedom to share them with whomever you want, as long as the data is kept with the same security as your bank.
Banks are obliged, if authorized by the user, to share access to balance and transaction data.

Thanks to PSD2, you can give us read-only access to your transactions. So Moneymour can instantly assess your instalment purchase request.

Like before, but with no hassle: while for a classic loan you are required to manually send your account statement, we allow you to share it automatically, to offer you an instant assessment!

Skip paperwork

If you apply for a loan, others will require your account statement, pay slips, bills, etc. With Moneymour, it is enough to connect a bank account.

Receive real-time notifications

Keep everything under control: set the notifications you want to receive to be notified in real-time about the instalments and to monitor the progress of your payments.

No surprises

Transparency is key: you will never have unexpected charges or other surprises. What you see is what you pay.

Moneymour for your online store

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